Board composition
How to Triple the Number of Women Appointed to Boards in Three Years
November 14, 2016  |  by Glenn Kelman and Bridget Frey

Only a month before Twitter hosted 2013’s most highly anticipated public offering, The New York Times’s Claire Cain Miller asked why the company’s board of directors was entirely male. The article jolted an industry accustomed to seeing itself as an enlightened alternative to traditional business...

Strategy & innovation
Killing Complexity Before Complexity Kills Growth  
April 14, 2017  |  by Ron Kermisch and Jed Fallis

How to restore a Founder’s Mentality, including intolerance for bureaucracy Why do so many companies lose their way? When companies are just starting out, they have no problem identifying the path before them. The founders know where they’re headed, who their customers are and how they hope to...

Board supervision
Leadership Matters: What Boards Can Learn from the Wells Fargo Calamity
January 26, 2017  |  by Abby Adlerman and Kaitlin Quistgaard

We’re living in times when what we say and what we do matters. We want our leaders to be role models. And no leadership role is more important or influential in the corporate world than that of the board.  Thus, the bar for boards is high and getting higher.  Given the access to information, expe...

Cultivating Trust Is Critical—and Surprisingly Complex
March 7, 2016  |  by Drew Calvert

Don’t rely on intuition for something this important. Trust is the basis for every business exchange and all consumer behavior. But as important as it is for leaders, organizations, and brands, the fundamental concept is surprisingly hard to pin down. “Whenever any two people talk about tru...

Which is mightier: The Carrot or the Stick?
March 13, 2017  |  by Abby Adlerman

State Street Global Advisors last week announced that they will no longer support companies that allow boardroom one-sidedness. That’s a fresh approach to an old problem, according to one money-manger interviewed by the Washington Post. She likened the announcement to a carrot-and-stick strategy....

Team building
Are Next-Gen Leaders Ready to Rise to the Board Challenge?
December 15, 2015  |  by Tom Monahan, Chairman & CEO, CEB

Anyone who has ever gone to the “investors” section of a company’s website knows that corporate governance is not the sexiest of topics. While it seems that almost every category of people and/or type of profession has become fair game for reality television, one of the last safe places may actua...

Environmental & Human Rights Assume a New Urgency for Boards
December 11, 2015  |  by Olivier Jaeggi

The regulatory landscape around these issues is changing, and company leaders need to know. Board members are at risk of being seen as negligent — and therefore potentially accountable — if they fail to pay adequate attention to environmental and human rights issues. In 2015, regulators exp...

The Best Way to Align Leaders: Disagree, Debate, Repeat
June 27, 2017  |  by David Michels

When Uber announced in mid-June that it would organize a 14-person governing body to run the company while its CEO had a time-out, critics immediately pounced on the idea. How on earth could you run a fast-charging tech company with such an unwieldy group? How would all those leaders align? Th...

Risk management
Why Getting Directors on Board with Risk Management Matters
September 11, 2015  |  by Christopher Ittner

When the idea of corporate risk management was only related to financial risks, it was simple to see where on the org chart responsibility for it should fall. In today’s business world, it’s much more complicated, and regulators have been pushing boards to do more oversight. Wharton accountin...

Exec. evaluation & comp
Haven’t Done a CEO 360 Review? You Should!
January 26, 2017  |  by Boardspan

Every board wants its CEO to thrive--and there’s one simple thing all boards can do to improve the odds: Offer FEEDBACK. It’s surprising how many boards expect top performance from their executives, but only give feedback when they have a specific disagreement or concern about performance metrics...

Cyber security
Corporate Governance in the Age of Cyber Risks
December 1, 2015  |  by In collaboration with RANE (Risk Assistance Network and Exchange)

Corporate Governance in the Age of Cyber Risks Corporate boardrooms are waking up to the encroaching, systemic threat of cybersecurity risks. But while awareness is growing — more than 80% of boards now discuss cybersecurity at most, if not all, of their meetings — many directors simply are no...

The 3 Essential Things Your Board Must Get Right
May 25, 2017  |  by Boardspan

Today’s boards operate amid the pressures of ever-increasing business complexity, technological disruptions, fluid regulatory environments, shareholder activism, cybersecurity threats, and more. Through these choppy seas, a board is charged with keeping the ship pointed toward success in both the...


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