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First U.S. Board Performance Index

by Boardspan


Boards can now benchmark performance against other leading boards

SAN FRANCISCO (October 8, 2021) – Boardspan, the leading provider of digital solutions and governance analytics, today released its first-ever semi-annual Board Performance Index (BPI) based on the results of hundreds of assessments with boards across all sectors on a national level. Boardspan is sharing these state-of-the-art metrics to help boards keep their performance high and focus on the topics that matter most to their constituents.

The Boardspan BPI is composed of nine categories of board performance across all governance areas, with scores derived from ratings on 50+ sub-topics that fall within these categories and is based on tens of thousands of data points collected and analyzed by Boardspan.

Boardspan CEO, Abby Adlerman, noted, “It has never been more important for boards to address the challenges of governing, especially in this dynamic environment. By using both quantitative and qualitative data points and having objective benchmarks, directors are considerably more informed as they advance their agenda and lean into their responsibilities.”

Kaitlin Quistgaard, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, added, “The data we have collected and analyzed brings real insights to our clients. We’re delighted to see the bar continuing to go up, with high performance ratings in the areas of Culture and Committees. It’s not a surprise that boards are challenged most when it comes to Strategy. The underlying details of this analysis help our clients plan their 2022 agenda.”

Scores for the nine categories, which Boardspan is making publicly available for the first time, reflect the areas assessed most frequently by boards with respect to their governance performance. Detailed scoring for the 50+ specific sub-topics is proprietary and only available to Boardspan clients.

The insights afforded by the Boardspan BPI provide boards with a deeper understanding of their assessment results and performance relative to other high-performing boards, aiding their development of informed goals and plans to further their progress. In short, the Boardspan BPI provides boards a data-rich resource to identify where their confidence is well-placed and where they have the greatest exposure.

The Boardspan BPI will be updated and made available to the public on a semi-annual basis and to Boardspan clients with every board assessment throughout the year.

For more details on the Boardspan BPI and a deeper analysis of each performance category and the drivers of the results, please contact info@boardspan.com



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