Board Skills Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your board with our Board Skills Analysis—an intuitive tool designed to assess and optimize the collective expertise of your board members.

Seamlessly identify skill gaps, leverage strengths, and align your board's competencies with strategic objectives for enhanced governance and decision-making. 

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Knowledge, Skills & Experience

More powerful than your average skills matrix

The Board Skills Analysis is a structured process that evaluates the competencies, expertise, and experience of board members.

By conducting a thorough assessment, organizations can identify gaps in skills and knowledge, ensure diversity of expertise, and align board composition with strategic goals.

This process is integral to succession planning as it helps identify potential candidates for leadership positions, ensures continuity in board leadership, and fosters a pipeline of qualified individuals ready to assume key roles.

By proactively assessing board skills and planning for succession, organizations can mitigate risks, strengthen governance, and position themselves for long-term success.

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Actionable Results & Insights

Identify relevant skill categories and gaps
  • Assess board members' skills to determine their proficiency level in each skill category
  • Map skills to strategic objectives to ensure that the board collectively possesses the necessary skills to fulfill its responsibilities effectively
  • Identify gaps in skills and areas where additional training or recruitment may be needed to strengthen the board's overall effectiveness
  • Results are presented in user-friendly reports suitable for proxy statements

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