Board Peer Review

Board members reflect on their performance and share feedback, supported by an objective, confidential, and non-confrontational process.

BPR Illustration
BPR Assessment

Team-Focused Feedback Loop

Board membership is a team sport—success requires each member, individually, and the whole team, collectively, to work toward common goals.

High-performing boards take time to evaluate and develop individual members and the teamwork itself. By engaging in a peer review, they give members an opportunity to consider their own contributions as well as those of their colleagues, and to understand how others view their contributions.

Our Board Peer Review injects objectivity into this process, creating a team-focused feedback loop that encourages personal development in a “safe,” non-comparative, and unbiased manner.

This review highlights the collective strengths and development opportunities for the whole group, while separately providing individual members with confidential feedback that underscores the contributions they are valued for as well as the areas they might want to develop.

BPR Report

Actionable Results & Insights

Support individual directors to perform at their peak
  • Gathers feedback on directors' demonstration of foundational board norms and specific competencies
  • Aggregate reporting reveals collective strengths and skills of the board as well as areas for improvement
  • Highlights individual contributions and areas where peers would like to see more involvement - an excellent way to add objective feedback during re-election periods


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