How to Join a Board

As experts in board recruiting, we often hear from senior executives who want to know: How can I get on a board? Our advice is to follow our simple 3-step process: 1. prepare a strong profile, 2. craft a board pitch, and 3. leverage your network.

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You’ll be surprised by how much our Candidate Toolkit helps you articulate your board “super powers." Plus, your profile will be automatically entered in our proprietary Board Matching Engine. Not just another candidate database, the Board Matching Engine relies on proprietary algorithms to produce highly selective results.

Of course, we only present boards that you agree are a good fit. We value your time and reputation, and give you the controls to manage the process comfortably.


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When You're Ready To Join A Board

Our Candidate Toolkit will help you maximize your opportunity
Create a Board Profile

 Simply convert your LinkedIn or input your career details to create a real board resume you can share with others, and enter your profile in our Board Matching Engine.

Prepare A Board Pitch

Develop your "elevator pitch" for joining a board. We help you craft your argument so you can get a board's attention and confidently start the conversation.

Engage the Network Accelerator

Approximately 85% of board placements come about through informal processes and don't rely on recruiters. Activate your personal network to help get on a board.

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