Board Performance Assessment

Simplify the process. Maximize the results. Make your next board evaluation a truly valuable exercise. Our digital Board Performance Assessment is easy-to-use, confidential, and secure. It addresses NYSE and NASDAQ requirements as well as the needs of private company boards.

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Fastest Route to More Impact

Your board can deliver even more value when it knows itself a little better.

The Board Performance Assessment helps your board identify its strengths and challenges, improve board dynamics, and increase your ability to make a difference.

Our customizable approach gathers board member feedback around nine key areas of board effectiveness. Quantitative and qualitative responses are aggregated into an interactive report that highlights common themes, while protecting the confidentiality of individual board members.

This is the gold-standard of assessments. If you're ready for a higher functioning board, start here!

BPA Report

Actionable Results & Insights

Designed to Help Increase Board Effectiveness
  • Leverages our deep domain expertise to measure board effectiveness across nine key areas and three standard committees
  • Identifies areas of concern for board review while highlighting effective practices to reinforce what works
  • Quantitative and qualitative data underpin valuable insights and recommendations
  • Tracks progress year-over-year and against industry benchmarks
  • Easy-to-use and engaging interface ensures a high rate of completion
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