The Board's Changing Role in Culture


A strong corporate culture is more important than ever for companies. What comprises good culture, and what is the board's role in defining it? 

In this webcast by Boardspan partner Teneo, in partnership with Extraordinary Women on Boards, some of the most successful women in corporate leadership and cultural stewardship talk about what makes a good corporate culture, how to measure culture, and the board's role in accounting for high cultural standards.


  • Ginny Rometty, former Chairwoman, President and CEO of IBM, author of Good Power
  • Teresa Clark, Chairman and CEO,
  • Abby Adlerman, Founder and CEO of Boardspan
  • Diane McIntyre, CEO, People Advisory at Teneo (Host)
  • Micah Alpern, Senior Managing Director at Teneo People Advisory (Moderator)