Board Gap Analysis

Get an objective view of your board's collective strengths and uncover gaps in expertise needed to be successful in the future. Leverage the wisdom of the whole board to identify specific skills and competencies that will add the most value.

The Board Gap Analysis delivers the data your board needs to make its best decisions about board member recruiting, board succession planning, and board development opportunities.

BGA Assessment

Board Composition, Strategically Planned

The strongest boards are those that identify the governance needs of the organization and ensure they have the expertise to address them

Having the right talent is essential for the board to do its best work. It all starts with taking an objective look at the collective strengths of the board and the types of functional expertise, industry experience, and professional competencies most needed in the near future. By pinpointing the gaps between the two, the board identifies areas where board education and/or new talent will have the most impact.

It's not unusual for the Board Gap Analysis to uncover needs that weren't top of mind, but that all agree are critical to the board's ongoing success.

Before adding a new board member, ensure that your board knows which attributes will add the most value.

BGA Report

Actionable Results & Insights

The data you need to future-proof your board
  • Assesses industry experience, functional expertise, board competencies, and diversity
  • Solicits individual board member input on the board's collective strengths and future needs
  • Aggregates data into an objective report that provides a holistic view of strengths, upcoming requirements and gaps
  • Includes a Board Diversity Matrix to evaluate board composition through the lens of Nasdaq reporting requirements


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