The Art of CEO Succession Planning: Secrets of a Winning Strategy



In the words of veteran CEO and board member Chip Bergh, CEO succession planning "is one of the most important thing a board has to do." Yet only 10 percent of 200 board members we surveyed said they are confident in both their emergency and long-term succession plans. Nearly 30 percent of those board members have neither type of succession plan in place. 


If you're not confident that your company has a strong CEO succession plan, you're not alone. In this webcast, Chip tells us how he implemented strong CEO succession planning both as board Chair at HP, Inc., and as outgoing CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. where the company took an unusual approach to preparing external candidate Michelle Gass to take the helm in January 2024. 


The webcast is a fascinating session full of both great stories and brass tacks for pulling off thoughtful, deliberate succession planning that can help ensure continued business value.


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