The Governance Curve™ - Your Board's Roadmap To Strategic Excellence


The most successful boards have a lot in common: They proactively meet their governance responsibilities, thoughtfully address evolving board norms, lean into the increasing complexity of board work, and seek to continually elevate their own performance and contributions to their organization. It sounds simple, but in practice it requires staying on top of a lot of details while also preparing for what may be needed in the future.

Over years of working closely with boards (public, private, and non-profit, for organizations of all sizes), we at Boardspan have observed and supported best practices and unique initiatives that enable boards to achieve their goals of excellence in governance and adding strategic value. Drawing on this deep governance expertise and our knowledge of how boards collaborate among themselves, we developed The Governance Curve as a roadmap for board success. 

The Governance Curve considers the complexity of the challenges that a board faces relative to the value or contribution that stakeholders receive. Understanding this relationship will help boards align, prioritize, and maximize their contributions.

Download The Governance Curve report today to:

  • Confirm that your board is on top of all foundational governance activities
  • Widen your board’s scope to focus on higher-value initiatives and long-term goals
  • Ensure your board is adapting to evolving norms and embracing future needs
  • Help your board deliver more strategic value to benefit all constituents


Elevate Board Performance in 2024

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