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Governance Planning: A Holistic Roadmap for Better Board Performance What is Governance Planning and why is it important? Let’s look at a Tale of Two Boards:
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Great alignment is fundamental to the success of any team. Look at a winning sports team, and you see common traits: They are coordinated, self-aware, and most important, aligned around goals, strategies, and tactics. The same is true of boards. Members of a high-performing board, like members of an...
Published By Insights from the Boardspan Team
The days of check-the-box board performance assessments are over. To be sure, self-evaluations are still required for public company boards and a best practice for all, but boards have figured out that a well-orchestrated assessment provides valuable insights to guide the board and the process is wo...
As a leading authority in the board assessment space, Boardspan is often asked: “What does good look like for a board?” We recently released the first U.S. Board Performance Index (BPI) to help boards everywhere benchmark their own performance to keep their contributions high and their sights focuse...